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How to Apply the Perfect Lipstick

Posted by Jesse Tan on

From creamy to matt, nude to electrifying, there seems to be a dizzying number of new lipsticks hitting shelves. Have you perfected your application technique? Beautifying lips is as much choosing and applying the right shade of lipstick as working on a prime canvas. We share tips on how to perfect your lip work starting with an indulgent pampering using Hardy & Co’s Lip Bloom Kit, the ultimate 3-step lipcare kit to conveniently and thoroughly lavish TLC for irresistible lips.

1) Scrub for Life

No. 1 rule to applying skincare essentials is always to exfoliate first and foremost. Dead skin cells not only hamper the absorption of nutrients by healthier cells, they also clump and dry up; not an attractive sight. Take heed, your lips are drawing attention for the wrong reason if they are chapped and peeling!

Coat your lips with vaseline before giving it a soft scrub for smooth lips. Better yet try the amazing RENEW Raspberry Sorbet Lip Scrub included in the Lip Bloom Kit (or if you prefer to skip the hassle, go for a Lip Fabulosity Treatment at The Sloane Spa) to bring life back to your lips. Infused with antioxidants from rosehip and grapeseed oils, unhealthy cells and stains bite the dust with this gentle exfoliator to reveal soft, supple and bright lips that lipsticks easily glide over.

2) Healthy Lips

Seal now opened and cleaned pores with nutrients by following up with a moisturiser after such home treatments. Derived from power natural ingredients, RESTORE Hydrating Gel Mask quickly delivers a hefty dose of essentials and moisture, relieving dehydrated lips.

For emergencies, Revitalift Lips saves your puckers by delivering tiny doses of Hyaluronic Acid through microinjections using thin, fine needles, to boost the lip’s natural moisture for optimal kissability.

3) Line your Lips

Lip liners are the best partners in crime; they prevent smudging whilst enhancing the lips. Reach for a nude liner instead of a dark liner with light shades. Lip liners, matching the lipstick or gloss, when applied well highlights the contours of the lips, giving them the illusion of being plumper and fuller. Sexy!

Should you wish to amp up your lip game, add volume to thin lips with Natural Lip Fillers. “Using Restylane or Juvederm fillers, we can plump up thin lips, reshape asymmetrical Cupid’s bow and enhance lip pillows but I believe these enhancements ought to complement the rest of the facial features,” shares Dr Toby Hui, Medical Consultant with The Sloane Clinic. Natural-looking lips #ftw.

4) Filling in the Lips

Before demarcating your Cupid’s bow with an X on the center of your upper lip, it’s ideal to pat on a lightweight concealer. This step helps to transfer the exact colour from packaging to lips so you won’t be horrified when you observe a difference in shades. Now you can fill in those lips! Oh! The exhilaration when experimenting with different colours and types of pigments culminating in the scoring of one that matches your skin type...

5) Rinse and Repeat

As with any makeup, they need to be removed at the end of the day. Slather on REPLENISH Raspberry Sorbet Sleep Mask after cleansing to deeply rejuvenate lips. This delicious and delicate balm, bursting with active ingredients Vitamin C and antioxidants, works overnight to replenish dull and dry lips, prepping them for the next day and beyond.

Hardy & Co’s Lip Bloom Kit (USD35) contains RENEW Raspberry Sorbet Lip Scrub, RESTORE Hydrating Gel Mask and REPLENISH Raspberry Sorbet Sleep Mask and can be bought at www.hardynco.com

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