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Milk Beauty Products: Reap Skin & Hair Benefits

Posted by Alice P. on

Milk can be tricky. While packed to the brim with vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates and thus associated with numerous health benefits – from building strong teeth and bones to maintaining a healthy blood pressure – this beverage can be problematic for some. Do you belong to the majority who are lactose intolerant and have been avoiding the consumption of dairy for fear of breakouts, an upset stomach and the like? Although readers who are truly allergic to milk, reacting severely to it (think shortness of breath and hives), should stay 100% away from it, there’s no reason why the rest of us cannot stand to benefit from this wholesome food. 

Face Cleanser

Raw milk is an amazing natural facial cleanser, sweeping out dead cells and unclogging pores to prevent further acne and blackheads from holding you back. If raw milk is beyond you, try Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser that’s sure to get you hooked (in a good way). We love it for its luxurious formulation of protein, mineral and vitamin-rich Greek yogurt and soothing Amaranth seed extract that cooperate to nourish skin and fade redness.


Among the powerhouse of vitamins present in milk, skin essential vitamin A tackles dry skin. Hardy & Co Milk Therapeutic Gel Mask, infused with similar advanced moisture and skin softening complexes, works overtime to gently purify, nourish and hydrate skin. Suitable for acne prone skin as it encourages cell renewal and refines pores, this mask helps skin regain suppleness and health for a refreshed, moisturised and brighter complexion.


Lactic acid, a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) found in milk and yoghurt products, is nothing but gentle in the face of microbes responsible for troubled skin like acne. Helping to clear out the gunk, these AHAs help to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen too. No wonder Milk Peel Facial, developed using AHAs and an ultrasonic peeling system (using sound waves), has been the talk of town with its calming and cell regenerative benefits. With many walking out of the facial glowing with a clearer and fairer complexion, this is an excellent skin clearing and rejuvenating treatment to return skin to its former glory.


Milk is a boon for dry, frizzy and rough hair. Achieve soft and shiny hair simply by smearing milk over your scalp and washing it off after a few minutes. Alternatively, try Moo Goo Milk Shampoo. Instead of using silicones in its shampoo to simply coat the hair for a false smoothness, it uses natural ingredients including Hydrolysed Milk Protein to rebalance the pH of the scalp and control sebum for truly silk and healthy strands. Moo Goo also produces a cream conditioner to moisturise the mane so it’s soft and manageable.


Who can resist beauty milk baths? These Cleopatra favourites do more than exfoliate and soften your skin. Also a skin protector against inflammatory conditions such as eczema, soaking and bathing in a tub just got a lot more fun. DIY your own bath by adding five cups (or more to your satisfaction) of raw milk, half cup of honey and five drops of essential oil to a tub filled with warm water. Should you find that a hassle, indulge in a full pampering massage and spa at Auriga Spa that includes a uniquely Malaysian Mandi Safar milk bath of rose and sandalwood before topping the luxurious experience off with brilliant facilities to be enjoyed and a stunning view of the South China Sea.

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