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4 Tips on Getting your Beauty Sleep

Posted by Jesse Tan on

Not now...before you go to bed! We’re sure you’ve heard numerous times that it’s recommended to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day but many of us have come up short of this number. We blame it on longer working hours, stress and even the urge to catch up on our favourite TV series. We willingly pay for the lack of zzz through fatigue, dark eye circles and in the long run negative impacts to our immune system and increased chances of cardiovascular diseases. What’s wrong with us? A recent study by Royal Society Open Science has found that insufficient shut-eye can turn-off others too! To rejuvenate body and mind, and draw others closer, not further, do these:

#1 Say no to caffeinated drinks at least 6 hours before bedtime

Instant mood lifter and weight loss expert. No I’m not talking about myself but Caffeine. In coffees, teas and beverages like Coke, this psychoactive drug is the culprit to reducing total sleep time by 1 hour. That’s some precious time in lalaland, gone!

#2 No room for stress

Nip stress in the bud by putting on some running shoes or meditating to clear the mind. Anxiety and sleep don’t go well together and shows up as dull, lacklustre complexion. Additionally, you can kickbutt your worries, calm your skin and mind with a trip to the beauty parlour. Super Star Facial is more than a facial; skin is exfoliated using natural fruit enzymes and replenished with super antioxidants like Astaxanthin which is 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C. “This is a skin-saver I do once every two months. Firefighting at work extinguishes my glow and this pampering treat recharges it,” exclaims Janelle Choo, a banker and fashion blogger.

#3 Lights out

Who’s guilty of texting or gaming on our mobile devices past midnight? How about freaking out if we don’t have them right next to our bedside? These devices heighten brain activity and emit blue-and-white light which prevents the release of melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone, so sleep better by putting away those phones, tablets, laptops an hour before bed. Switch off your room lights as well and fall into a slumber so deep, you will feel super the next day.

#4 Effort on eyes

“Have you been working overtime?” Heard this lately? In serious cases, panda eyes might be mistaken as signs of physical abuse! Eyes are indicators to health, youth and energy. While on the topic of youthful and radiant skin, I further enquired from Janelle her go-to for lightening dark eye circles. “Other than makeup, I will put on Hardy & Co Sleep Pretty Mask. What I love is that it contains, amongst other rich ingredients, stem cells which really work to lighten the darkness and restore skin’s moisture. I’m also applying Sloane Inc Vitamin A Eye Renewal Cream S10.1 regularly. You can see the difference before and after my eye regimen,” she says. Efforts on eyes do pay off!


Before (back) showing darker eye circle & After (front) showing brighter area below the eyes.

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