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5 Face Masks to Treat Different Skin Concerns

Posted by Angie L on

At Hardy & Co, we’re obsessed with face masks for their convenience and effectiveness. A simple step, just 15 to 20 minutes, pampers the skin and treats it to essentials that heals and rejuvenates for a healthy complexion. That is if you pick the right masks; different skin problems requires different treatments. Hence, we ask beauty gurus from online blog, Ready Set Beauty, for their favourite masks that tackle 5 common skin issues.

Oily Skin

“I have combination skin and my T-zone suffers from oil spills every so often I run out of a pack of oil blotting papers in a week. Forking out US$62 for Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask (not the cheapest clay masks around) is one of the best choices I’ve made. The result is amazing! Rich in mineral content, Sandalwood oil, known for its astringent properties, chamomile flower and lavender water, this clay mask remedies visible skin woes like redness, large pores and takes away the excess shine without drying out my skin. Additionally, it’s free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates; just awesome.” - Linda J Strong

Hydrated Skin

“Staying in the air-conditioned office is drying my skin out and as it is also sensitive and gets easily irritated, I take extra care in selecting all my masks. Though Hardy & Co Rose Apricot Facial Oil, an incredible restorative oil derived from pure apricot, grapeseed and jojoba, is my recent obsession, my all-time favourite mask is Hardy & Co Dewy Skin Hydrating Silk Treatment Mask. Coming in a thin mesh, it is steeped in delicate essentials – vital vitamins, integral botanicals and silk proteins – efficiently quenching my skin’s need for moisture for a fresh-looking and radiant complexion.” - Christie Walden


“After learning that activated Charcoal absorbs 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities, I’ve been looking out for products with this powerful ingredient. The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask steals my heart (and money) for its gentle action in drawing out excess sebum and calming my irritated skin without being too drying. Though the results are not telling immediately, the redness in my skin does subside after 3 weeks of using the mask twice every week. I’ve also noticed fewer blackheads and new pimples.” - Melissa Chew

Clear Skin

"I’m crediting my newfound fabulous healthy complexion to Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Matcha S3.7. I chanced upon it after my first visit to The Sloane Spa for their highly raved Super Star Facial. Since a session is in the hundreds, it’s obvious I couldn’t afford it every other week so I bought this face mask which they used and my skin has never been better. Formulated from fresh matcha and green tea extracts, this two step powder face mask delivers a hefty dose of antioxidants, working overtime to sooth, clarify and restore my skin, leaving it reinvigorated.” - Elizabeth Chu

Skin Whitening

“Laneige, well-known in Asia for its hydrating and gentle products, has always had a spot on my beauty counter. To whiten skin, I rely on their White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack. Initially doubtful of its claim to brighten skin for at least 2 tones, I’m now a believer. Infused with rich whitening ingredients such as Vitamin C and Mela-vita Crusher™, this sleeping mask helps me achieve a noticeably fairer complexion.” - Grace Chua

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