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5 Tips on How to Look Fresh After a Flight

Posted by Alice P. on

Jetsetters are all too familiar with the rush that happens before and after a flight as we scramble first to the airport then later to save our skin. Anxiety and stress about the trip coupled with cabin pressure and dry air stripping moisture from our skin cause us to lose our glow. By putting distance between us and our desired vacay with a detour to the desert, these unfriendly inflight conditions can irritate our skin and affect our moods. How then to protect our complexions to recover in time and step off the plane as the beauties that we are? Transform from fatigued to refreshed no matter the length of the journey with these inflight skincare remedies.

1.Get Celeb Hair

Spotting straw-like hair? As travelling is just as harsh on hair with oil glands overworking to compensate for the drying air, try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($22) that has patented polymers to absorb oil at the roots. Celebrities like Katy Perry reportedly use this awesome spray to tame and keep hair in style. A quick spritz is all you need to achieve stunning, voluminous and bouncy hair.

2. Remove Makeup

Ask the experts and they will tell you makeup is a no-no on planes as they can become cakey on flights and clog pores. Instead, transit from lifeless skin to a healthy and radiant one with toners like Hardy & Co Super Hydrating Skin Pampering Mist ($80) which has potent, highly active ingredients like Vitamin A and plant cell extracts to deeply refresh and rejuvenate skin. You’ll be happier and thankful for minimising baggage on skin.

3. Moisturiser Galore 

Replenish skin moisture levels with moisturisers. Consistency is key here but do also look out for active quality ingredients - hyaluronic acid, squalane and/or aloe - because they’re nourishing and highly effective in retaining moisture. Because more is never enough and with ample time on our hands, we reach for mineral-rich Sloane Inc Skin Drink S8.9 Mask ($99), one of our favourite go-to masks while travelling to beat post-travel dullness. 

4. Photo-ready Pout

Soft, smooth and full lips make an endearing smile. Something you wouldn’t know might win the attention of that particular flight attendant or even help you cut immigration queues so be sure to take good care of them too. Treat your pout to a lip mask ($10) that hydrates and heals parched and cracked lips to brighten and nourish them puckers. 

5. Water Parade

In any case you’re distracted by the inflight entertainment, this’s a reminder to hydrate constantly with water. Not alcohol, which may dehydrate you further, or tomato juice, but pure water is your best bet against dull, troubled complexion and jetlag.

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